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What's the worst pub quiz question you've ever heard?



The British Quiz Association aims to promote quiz as a competitive sport and to encourage lifelong learning. We run the national quiz circuit, with events taking place every month. These quizzes are fun and are open to everyone, so pop along and have a go!

The quizzes that we run award rankings points to players. These all go towards the Quizzing Order of Merit, recognising the achievements of the players. Quiz players who are included in the order of merit all have badges on the site to indicate their status. The highest order is Grand Master. The Grand Masters all have purple badges. You will probably recognise many people in the Order of Merit as a lot of the quizzers take part in television shows. People like Kevin Ashman, Pat Gibson, Barry Simmons, Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace and Paul Sinha - many of whom regularly attend our events.

In addition to this, we can design quiz games in any format, and we have a team of highly experienced setters and verifiers, who work on all sorts of question setting projects. You can find out more about getting your questions set by the experts here.

Meet the Team

The Quizzing.co.uk website is run by a team of five people:

Chris Jones

Chris founded the Quizzing.co.uk website with Jane in 2002 and heads up all question setting activities. He has been setting questions for quiz leagues, TV shows and games for over 20 years and he runs all of the BQA's National Quiz Circuit events. There is quite literally nothing that Chris doesn't know!

Jane Allen

Jane is a founder of the Quizzing.co.uk site. Her background is in marketing and so she is great at developing quizzical ideas for companies. As well as running the BQA, Jane is also a founder of the International Quizzing Association, promoting quiz as a sport around the world.

Jim Philpot

Jim is a fantastic games designer and developer. He can build applications for web, mobile and games consoles and so he will be creating all sorts of amazing quiz features on the Quizzing.co.uk site and for our customers.

Jules Bowes

Jules is an experienced software and database developer. He will be working behind the scenes on our website and applications to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

Lucy Allen

Lucy is a brilliant graphic designer and marketing expert. She is responsible for making the Quizzing.co.uk website look beautiful and she will be creating gorgeous graphics for all of our forthcoming games, products and services.


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