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Americas Circuit Ranking Event

Postby Jane » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:07 pm

We’re very grateful to Paul Paquet in Ottawa for a tremendously entertaining set of questions that players greatly enjoyed. We were very confident the set would be well received. It did not disappoint. And competitors returned some great scores also! If you played yesterday and need a copy of the answers, you can get them as a free download from our online store.

We were delighted to see a splendid turnout for this, the first event connected to a brand-new circuit. As well as the 80+ players in North and South America, we had over 60 people around the world playing-along under competition conditions (see later for scores). We’re grateful for their support. But special thanks got to the circa 40 proctors in as many venues who made it all possible, some of whom were getting to grips with the task for the first time.

We were also delighted that a lot of people will have had their first opportunity to play our monthly, internationally-flavoured Hot100 quiz (thanks again to Cristian Pop in Romania for writing that). You can also view the scores for the Hot100 online at This Hot100 is still in-play in some territories, so if you’ve played already and want the answers, please e-mail me at You should be aware also that this monthly Hot100 quiz (issued free to participants at UK and Americas Grands Prix circuits) will form part of the new ‘International Circuit’ also launching next month (i.e. in addition to the Americas Circuit). The quiz is also available at venues outside of the UK/Americas, for example in Croatia, Ireland, and Netherlands (just three of many countries that play each month).

Americas Circuit February 10th, 2018.

We heartily congratulate Andrew Ullsperger of the USA who triumphed in this first Grand Prix aimed specifically at an Americas audience AND written by a resident of those continents (Paul Paquet in Canada). Andrew’s overall score (an aggregate of his best five genre scores) was an impressive 125.7, securing top podium spot above fellow US players Patrick Friel (runner-up with 123.8) and Raj Dhuwalia (third-place with 121.5). Behind them came Yogesh Raut (4th with 120.5), Chris Miller (5th with 118.7) and Shane Whitlock (6th with 117.1). The remaining top 10 places were filled with more big name players, familiar even to us Europeans many thousands of miles away; so a big shout-out to Victoria Groce, Tim Polley, Jerome Vered, and Kaya Chua. We must mention also two colossal genre scores, Patrick Friel and Andrew Ullsperger, each with gold medal winning totals of 29.5! And look also at the medal positions in Civilisation, barring ties it could not have been closer.

Here are the Americas medal positions, by genre.

Gold : 29.5 - Patrick Friel
2nd = : 28.7 - Tim Polley
2nd = : 28.7 - Raj Dhuwalia

Gold : 24.7 - Jerome Vered
Silver : 24.6 - Patrick Friel
Bronze: 24.5 - Shane Whitlock

Gold : 24.5 - Andrew Ullsperger
Silver : 23.7 - Yogesh Raut
Bronze: 22.6 - Drew Scheeler

Gold : 24.3 - Andrew Ullsperger
Silver : 24.2 - Deb Stowell
Bronze: 23.5 - Patrick Friel

Gold : 29.5 - Andrew Ullsperger
Silver : 27.4 - Victoria Groce
Bronze: 26.4 - Yogesh Raut

Gold : 25.4 - Raj Dhuwalia
Silver : 22.1 - Kaya Chua
Bronze: 21.3 - William Blashka

We look forward to as many as possible of you joining us for the inaugural Grand Prix of the circuit on Saturday March 10th. In the meantime, anyone who missed the chance to play who wants to see how they would have got on can purchase the questions from our online store.

Ranking Event - Overseas results

As we said, over 60 players outside of the Americas took part. You can view their scores online. In the coming days we’ll put up an unofficial, information-only putting the two sets of results together.

We say well done to reigning European Quizzing Champion Pat Gibson who finished top with 119.2, ahead of fellow England team mate Kevin Ashman (114.5) and Scottish International Anne Hegerty (113.4). Behind them came Irish International Dave McBryan (111.3), former ‘Brain of Britain’ Barbara Thompson (105.0), and Malaysian-based Indian Movin Miranda (102.0). The remaining top 10 places were filled by Martin Wightman (UK), Ravikant Avva (Singapore), Chris Quinn (UK), and Paddy Duffy (Ireland). Well done to them. I'll also give a shout-out to Mark Preston in England who scored a very creditable 22.2 on Sport & Games – well done!

Here are the Overseas medal positions, by genre.

Gold : 28.9 – Pat Gibson
Silver : 27.5 – Anne Hegerty
Bronze: 27.4 – Barbara Thompson

Gold : 24.5 – Kevin Ashman
Silver : 23.6 – Dave McBryan
Bronze: 23.5 – Pat Gibson

Gold : 21.4 – Colin Daffern
Silver : 19.7 – Pat Gibson
Bronze: 19.5 – Anne Hegerty

Gold : 21.5 – Pat Gibson
Silver : 21.4 – Barbara Thompson
Bronze: 19.4 – Paddy Duffy

Gold : 26.4 – Anne Hegerty
Silver : 25.6 – Pat Gibson
Bronze: 25.4 – Dave McBryan

Gold : 22.2 – Mark Preston
Silver : 21.4 – Kevin Ashman
Bronze: 20.4 –Aaron Linge

We look forward to as many as possible of you joining us for the inaugural Grand Prix of the Americas circuit on Saturday 10th March (not forgetting the UK Grand Prix at Northampton on 3rd March). In the meantime, anyone who missed the chance to play who wants to see how they would have got on can purchase the questions from our online store.

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