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February 2019 UK Quest Grand Prix - Results

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:12 pm
by Chris
All of the February UK Quest Grand Prix scores are in and online (link at the foot of this piece). 186 quizzers around the country took part and with a median score of 92.2 doubtless we have a lot of pleased players adding their thanks, along with ours, to Eric Kilby and Keith Andrew for this month’s entertaining GP set. Over a quarter of participants got through the magic ton barrier for the aggregate of their five best genre scores, which is pleasing.

We congratulate Pat Gibson who has topped the field this time out, going one place better than his runner-up spot in January. His score was 132.0. Runner up was David Stainer with 127.5 (turning in his first top 5 finish since the British Championships in September 2018), Didier Bruyère was third (126.6), with Scott Dawson (125.0) and Kevin Ashman (124.1) completing the top five, as it stands at this point in time.

As well as noting the three-way tie for Bronze in the Sport & Games genre, we also issue a shout-out to Nic Paul (who we seem to see too little of at events these days) for his Lifestyle Gold and to Mark Kerr, back in the medals (Bronze, ACH), just two tie-breakers short of a Silver.

Here are the PROVISIONAL medal positions, by genre.

Gold : 27.6 - Kevin Ashman
Silver : 27.2 - Pat Gibson
Bronze : 27.0 - Mark Kerr

Gold : 28.5 - David Stainer
Silver : 27.3 - Mark Grant
3rd= : 27.1 - Alan Gibbs
3rd= : 27.1 - David Hesp

Gold : 27.3 - Clive Dunning
Silver : 27.2 - Pat Gibson
Bronze : 26.6 - Kevin Ashman

Gold : 27.1 - Nic Paul
Silver : 26.3 - Didier Bruyère
Bronze : 26.1 - David Stainer

Gold : 27.2 - Pat Gibson
Silver : 26.4 - Didier Bruyère
Bronze : 25.3 - Nick Mills

Gold : 25.4 - Didier Bruyère
Silver : 24.3 - David Hesp
3rd= : 24.2 - Alan Gibbs
3rd= : 24.2 - Steve Lilley
3rd = : 24.2 - Martin Webb

Many thanks to all of the competitors, and of course to the proctors - for your continued support/help. Our next UK Grand Prix is 2 March, again at local venues. We will be visiting St Crispin’s Club in Duston (our traditional March GP venue), but later in the year, for the British Championships weekend.

Full results.