Nordic Grand Prix (details) 27 October 2012

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Nordic Grand Prix (details) 27 October 2012

Postby Chris » Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:41 pm


Hampton Court - Nordic Grand Prix / EQC Warm-Up

As announced as long ago as mid July, we’ve been going to sneak-in an extra event into the annual schedule - a pre EQC event - largely for the benefit of quizzers unable to make the trip overseas or to commit to a weekend-long event. This was proving especially desirable this year since next the 2012 EQC is in Tartu, Estonia’s second city.

The prime domestic purpose of this extra event is that those persons unable to travel to the EQC will not unfairly miss out on a chance to secure rankings points – the EQC otherwise representing the only opportunity between early October and December each year to do so.

It has also been said by some in the past that because a significant ratio of the UK attendees at EQCs come from among the higher echelons of the Order of Merit, many players attending those events find themselves with relatively severely ‘depressed’ outcomes, something which has almost discouraged some from attending! Accordingly, we will allow all those who are travelling to the EQC to attend the extra domestic event as well, should they so wish.

To ensure no one group or individual is unduly dis/advantaged we will, as with the Low/Highbrow quizzes at last month’s BQC, only award players their most favourable tranche of points garnered from the two events (i.e. where someone actually attends both). Moreover, the maximum potential points available from the events will be equalised – suppose the most available from one event is 1000, and 500 at the other (let’s keep the example simple). To level things up we would in that case simply double the available award from the latter event, so that everyone’s potential for points is the same at each event.This is primarily being done since the expectation is that, despite this extra event carrying no special loading (the EQC automatically attracts 50% 'extra' ranking points per Order of Merit member/grade), numbers attending Mole Hall will likely see an overall higher tally of points than will be on offer in Tartu.

Obviously people attending both events get two bites at the cherry, but we thought this was preferable to creating a situation in which someone might chose to attend the extra domestic event INSTEAD of the EQC. That would not do, and I’m sure the collective of countries involved in the ‘Nordics’ would prefer their questions were not made available for our use if that was going to be a possible outcome!

Anyway, and having being able to give regular update announcements at recent GPs, we are now ready to publish all the details of our inaugural, extra/warm-up event employing questions used at the 2012 Nordic Quizzing Championships – see below.

Before anyone panics, let me assure you all the questions are in English, and given that the English-speaking world is neutral territory in Scandinavian countries, a goodly proportion of the questions have turned-out rather UK-friendly. While this is very much an “international” quiz, as in iQA WQC and EQC events, on this occasion rather more questions than one might otherwise expect relate directly to the UK. And I don’t recall seeing any questions about lesser-spotted Slovenian architects.

We are very grateful to the organisers and question setters involved with the 2012 Nordic Championships for their allowing us to give their material a second outing, so to speak. In recognition of their generosity, and to help support their bi-annual event, 50% of the proceeds from the day (after venue hire etc.) will be given to “our friends in the North”. This will help them pay off a financial deficit from their event in May, with hopefully quite a bit left over towards meeting costs in 2014. We’re also hopeful it will help us secure permission to use additional past (and future) questions for future events such as the one we’re running later this month.

Nordic Grand Prix / 2012 EQC Warm Up

This will be staged on Saturday 27 October at The Royal British Legion in East Molesey, the venue being in outer South West London, not far from Hampton Court Railway Station. Note the slightly later start time, and the fact there are three quizzes, not the usual two. We will try and run the quizzes in the manner they are delivered at EQC events. We also have the venue till late so there is scope for additional, ad hoc quiz as well.

Entry fee £20 (first timers £10)

A light buffet is provided on this occasion since, due to the later start, many will perhaps have already eaten lunch prior to arrival.

VENUE: Please note change

We've managed to secure at the last minute an even better venue in Molesey, which is much closer to the station, a pub and a fab second-hand book shop. So we will now be here:

Royal British Legion
Saint Mary's Road
East Molesey
Surrey KT8 0ST


N.B. The venue isn't quite where Google Maps place it. You'll find it closer to the entrance to Matham Road than is indicated (by the junction with Walton lane). It's right next to the music shop on the corner. If you're early, it's well worth wandering along the high street (Walton Lane) because you'll find the second hand book shop about half a dozen shops along.

Getting There By Train:

If you come by train, Hampton Court Station is about a 10 minute walk away from the venue. There is also a taxi office at the station (Claremont Cars: 020 8979 8866), or you can hop on the 411 bus (walk towards Hampton Court Palace and you'll find the bus stop and ask them to tell you when you're at Matham Road).

Getting There By Car:

There's free parking in the nearby public car park. You get to it by driving along the high street (B369, Walton Road) and taking the very small and not very obvious turning just by the Conservative Club (with big Union Jack outside), opposite FW Paine.

Quizzers coming from outside the capital should get onto the M3 heading toward London (if by way of the M25, at Jct. 12) and come off at Jct. 1 (Sunbury) following signs for Kempton Park and Hampton Court. Take the bridge over the Thames by the Palace (Hampton Court Way) and get onto Walton Lane (B369) via Creek/Bridge Road (B3379) which can be accessed by taking the second right turn after crossing the Thames.

SCHEDULE (Unchanged)

12.30 - 13.00 Registration
13.00 - 15.00 Individual Quiz
15.00 - 16.00 Light buffet
16.00 - 18.00 Pairs Quiz
18.00 - 18.30 Individual Results/Prizes, and short break
18.30 - 20.30 Team Quiz
20.30 - 22.00 Ad hoc quizzes, potential for ‘fish & chips’ delivery etc.

A sign-up thread is located HERE.

As always it will greatly assist us in the smooth presentation of the day if as many of you as possible could register for the event ahead of time. While not mandatory, it will help us start on time if you could make payment prior to the event through PayPal. You don't need to even have a PayPal account to make a payment. Just visit the website and click on the "send money" button. The address to send it to (when asked for our e-mail address) is Please note that this is a new address as we have a new bank account. The old one is now defunct, so please be sure that you send to the correct address. Thanks!
Chris Jones
Director, Quizzing Ltd., BQA and iQa

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Re: Nordic Grand Prix, 27 October 2012

Postby Chris » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:21 pm

Here are the Individual totals from Saturday (London and Edinburgh, slight amendments included). Positions are sorted by reference to the score over all seven rounds rather than the first six [the total from the latter is in square brackets]. Ties separated by reference to six-round totals. For completeness, I should say round 7 featured 20 questions, each being worth 2 points.

So, for example; 15 - 60 [50] Joe Bloggs means, Jo was 15th with 60 points after 7 rounds (getting 5 correct answers, worth 10 points in the final round), having scored 50 after six.

1: - 101 [77] : Olav Bjortomt
2: - 86 [64] : Mark Grant
3: - 86 [60] : Sean Carey
4: - 85 [63] : Phil Smith
5: - 84 [62] : Ian Bayley
6: - 83 [63] : David Lea
7: - 79 [60] : Paul Sinha
8: - 77 [57] : William De Ath
9: - 76 [50] : Eric Wildsmith
10 - 73 [55] : Anne Hegerty
11 - 72 [50] : Nick Mills
12 - 71 [49] : Ian Clark
13 - 66 [50] : Andrew Frazer
14 - 65 [47] : Iain Thoms
14 - 65 [47] : Phil Bennion
16 - 64 [42] : Kathryn Johnson
17 - 62 [47] : Nick Archer
18 - 61 [47] : Quentin Holt
18 - 61 [47] : Stewart McCartney
20 - 61 [41] : Diane Hallagan
20 - 61 [41] : Edmund Dickinson
22 - 58 [44] : Brian Wilkins
23 - 57 [49] : Brian Pendreigh
24 - 57 [43] : Ian Orriss
25 - 56 [41] : Ian Garland
26 - 53 [41] : Hamish Cameron
27 - 52 [42] : David Murphy (Ireland)
28 - 51 [35] : Colin Kidd
29 - 50 [38] : Andy Crane
29 - 50 [38] : Ian Welham
31 - 49 [31] : Keith Marshall
32 - 48 [36] : Richard Jones
33 - 48 [34] : Ken Owen
34 - 47 [39] : Mark Walton
35 - 46 [36] : Mike Foden
36 - 45 [32] : Ed Payne
37 - 43 [33] : Jon Jacob
38 - 43 [23] : Amy MacPherson
39 - 42 [34] : Ewan McNaught
40 - 42 [34] : Marianne Fairthorne
41 - 42 [32] : Mike Abbott
42 - 40 [30] : Niall Pringle
43 - 39 [29] : Martyn Smith
44 - 39 [25] : Howard Royse
45 - 38 [30] : George Lewis
46 - 38 [22] : Nic Mortimer
47 - 37 [27] : Robin Whelan
48 - 37 [25] : Lisa Hermann
49 - 36 [28] : John Porcella
50 - 36 [22] : Maggi Edlin
51 - 35 [25] : Suda Perera
52 - 35 [23] : David Saunders
53 - 33 [25] : Malcolm Lee
54 - 29 [19] : Matthew Wincott
55 - 28 [16] : Dick Cribb

For comparison, the top score in Copenhagen in May was 86 [66] Tero Kaliolevo, with Thomas Kolåsæter on 86 [62]. Average six round total in Copenhagen was 32.5, in London it was 40.9.
Chris Jones
Director, Quizzing Ltd., BQA and iQa

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