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Peterborough GP: 3 August 2013

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:53 pm
by Chris
Saturday 3 August sees us very pleased to be heading back to the cathedral city of Peterborough, in the East of England. We know Jamie and Steve Dodding will ensure Peterborough is once again the place to be during the first weekend of August! As well as Peterborough's close association with Roy Kinnear, Mary Queen of Scots, and it's 'mother country', Poland, among Grand Prix venues it has become renowned for its Apres Quiz, and its eve-of-quiz 'Doggin with the Doddings'!


A sign-up thread for this event can be found HERE. While not at all mandatory, it will greatly assist us if you could make payment prior to the event via PayPal. You don't need to even have a PayPal account to make a payment. Just visit the website and click on the "send money" button. The address to send it to (when asked for our e-mail address) is Please note that this is a new address as we have a new bank account. The old one is now defunct, so please be sure that you send to the correct address. Thanks!

Longthorpe Village Hall
295 Thorpe Road

Daytime Schedule (note variation from the norm!)
11.00 Registration
11.30 Individual Quiz
13.00 Marking
13.45 Lunch (Fish and Chips!*)
15.00 Jamie & Steve Dodding's Team Quiz
16.15 Results and Prizes
16.30 Hot 100 (45 minute individual quiz, followed by answers)
17.30 Close

Entry: £25, lunch provided, £12.50 for first time attendees. *Additional £5 discount available if you have an aversion to Fish n Chips (please tell us when registering) in which case we invite you to bring your own luncheon.

We will be running a bar on the day, offering a limited range of alcoholic drinks - in addition to the usual teas, coffees, squash n'pop!


Jamie and Steve Dodding are very kindly 'hosting us' once again and this includes an optional Friday night jaunt - 'Doggin with the Doddings', literally (see below). They are also organising Saturday night fun. The latter is a visit to a quality real ale house, followed by a curry in an excellent restaurant that, each time we've been in Peterborough, gives over its mezzanine area for our exclusive use (after the meal, the buzzers come out and we quiz till 1.00am).


Meet at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium at 6.30 . Cost is £1 and includes either a basket meal or pint of beer. There will be a number of quizzes similar to last year - i.e. one in advance of each race. There's a £1 entry fee for each quiz, the winner gets first choice of a dog in the following canine event, the runner-up gets second choice, etc., for all six dogs in the race. The person with the winning dog in each race takes half the pool, second 30%, third 20%.


Carousing at the Brewery Tap 6.30pm (earlier if you bale-out of the Hot 100!). Curry and quizzing at the Royal Spice at 8.15pm. Cost is £15 a head and covers starters and a main course buffet. As before the food will keep coming until everyone is sated. People buy their own drinks - ordered and paid for from your table.

Needless to say, this Saturday night, which includes hours of buzzer quiz, is a "must"!


The 'Dr Who' Exhibition will be visiting the Peterborough Museum from 11.00am til 5.00pm Sunday.

Re: Peterborough GP: 3 August 2013

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:00 pm
by Chris
Thanks again to everyone who contributed to a marvelous weekend in Peterborough, but especially Jamie and Steve Dodding - for their wonderful hospitality and organisational assistance, David Stainer for his excellent Individual set, Jane for all her work behind the scenes, Alan Gibbs for his peerless Emceeing at the buzzer quiz, and all those lovely willing helpers people who pitched-in throughout a hot day to distribute papers, help set up and put things away, and lump stuff out to my car. You're all lovely. Oh, and not forgetting the chef at the Banyan Tree who cooked that lamb dish I simply adored - among numerous other tasty morsels.