World Quizzing Championships - Scotland

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World Quizzing Championships - Scotland

Postby Chris » Tue May 17, 2016 4:47 pm

The 2016 running of the World Quizzing Championships is on Saturday 4th June. UK venues are in Northampton and Edinburgh. Details about the event globally can be found by following this link.

Please use this thread to sign-up if you plan to attend this event in Edinburgh's Voodoo Rooms, in West Register Street.


11.30 - Registration
12.00 - WQC Paper 1
13.00 - Marking & short break
13.30 - WQC Paper 2
14.30 - Marking
15.00 – 15.30 short Lunch break
15.30 - 16.50 Team Quiz
17.00 - close

Cost, £17.50, food not included.

Please note, the WQC takes the place of the standard Hot100 paper for June. Ranking points are calculated as per normal though - i.e. your WQC score is converted into two-digits, representing your overall total (7 genres) as a percentage of the 2016 World Champion's score.

'Make Me An Egghead'. Our friends at 12 Yard will be coming along to the World Quizzing Championships venues in England and Scotland to audition for a new series that's searching for new Eggheads.

And before you ask, yes you can apply if you've been on previous searches for Eggies, previous series of Eggheads and previous series of any quiz show for that matter. In fact, a good quiz pedigree is to be encouraged for this one :D
Chris Jones
Director, Quizzing Ltd., BQA and iQa

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