Quest Grand Prix - February 2018

Here you will find archived news items that, while no longer current, are nevertheless interesting enough to preserve for later perusal and reference.
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Quest Grand Prix - February 2018

Postby Chris » Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:17 pm

We seem to have just about all of the Grand Prix scores in and these are now up online. I think only Perth may be missing. We’ll add them as soon as they are in, and amend any of what follows as necessary.

So, a very accessible set from Eric Kilby and Keith Andrew - thanks guys - saw 41 quizzers today get through the magic 100 barrier (i.w. with their best-five genres aggregate). That’s approaching 25% of the field And the average score was also a very healthy 84.96.

We heartily congratulate Kevin Ashman on his win, his score of 132.2 seeing him 0.5 ahead of Didier Bruyère who has 131.7. Pat Gibson (129.8) was third, Ian Bayley (122.3) in fourth, and David Hesp (121.8) completing the top five. Well done to them!

There were notable finishes in the top 10 for Rob Greenhill and Mark Eaves, in 6th and 7th place respectively. Rob also took Gold in the Entertainment, his first genre win I believe, and Isabell Herard was right on his shoulder to take a debut Silver medal also! SJ Bodell also took a debut Silver medal in Lifestyle. We had two medal ties, Andrew Frazer and Ian Bayley tied for Bronze in Art, Culture, History while Didier and Kevin tied in first place on Sport & Games. Lastly, while it is always great to see new names on the podium, it’s good to see Eric Wildsmith back in the medals.

Here are the medal positions, by genre.

Gold : 28.6 - Kevin Ashman
Silver : 28.4 - Pat Gibson
Bronze: 27.4 - Tied, Andrew Frazer and Ian Bayley

Gold : 27.3 - Pat Gibson
Silver : 26.4 - Kevin Ashman
Bronze: 25.2 - Didier Bruyère

Gold : 28.3 - Rob Greenhill
Silver : 28.1 - Isabelle Heward
Bronze: 27.4 - Kevin Ashman

Gold : 25.3 - Didier Bruyère
Silver : 25.0 - SJ Bodell
Bronze: 24.3 - Pat Gibson

Gold : 27.5 - Didier Bruyère
Silver : 26.1 - Eric WIldsmith
Bronze: 25.3 - Pat Gibson

Gold : 25.4 - Tied, Didier Bruyère and Kevin Ashman
Bronze: 24.5 - Pat Gibson

Many thanks to all of the competitors, and of course to the proctors - for your continued support/help. Thanks also to Eric and Keith, again, and to Diana as always for her verifying.

Here’s to seeing lots of you in Duston (Northampton) next week Let’s just hope the bins are getting emptied!
Chris Jones
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