BBC Mastermind Final: Friday 5 April

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BBC Mastermind Final: Friday 5 April

Postby Chris » Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:01 pm

Tune in to BBC2 on Friday evening at 7.30 to see six finalists battle it out for the coveted Caithness glass bowl. While we're aware the show is pre-recorded, the outcome is not known outside a small circle of people so we can, I'm sure, almost all of us watch with bated breath. Two very good reasons to watch manifest themselves in the form of two Grand Prix regulars who have made it through to the finale, in the shape of Andrew Frazer and Didier Bruyere. You can view a short video introducing each contestant, and their specialist subject for the Final by clicking HERE, or just jump straight to the vids for ANDREW or DIDIER.

Retrospective good luck to everyone - Andrew and Didier especially - and we hope the worthy winner, whoever they are, enjoys their year as reigning champion. Speaking of champions, click HERE to read an excellent piece by last year's winner, Gary Grant. Not only is it a very entertaining read, but it's a must for anyone thinking about going on the show, especially as regards what Dr Gary has to say about Specialist Subjects (SS).

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