Jesse Honey is 2012/13 Order of Merit Champion

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Jesse Honey is 2012/13 Order of Merit Champion

Postby Chris » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:44 pm

The UK Quizzing Order of Merit* & All Time Rankings and BQA Grand Prix Honour Roll have been updated following Saturday's Peterborough Grand Prix. I have also updated, as per usual, the record of past events, a cursory look at which shows that this last GP (authored by David Stainer) returned the highest combined scores of the year so far, with each genre-winner also equaling or exceeding the season's average scores for each 'discipline'.

The 2012/13 season concludes with Jesse Honey triumphant as the year's Order of Merit winner. Jesse's total for the year was not surpassed on Saturday - even though he was absent and his nearest rival, Pat Gibson, took first place there. Well done Jesse, a richly deserved win!

A formal announcement of the new Order of Merit ranks for the coming 2013/14 season will be made shortly. Presentation of badges to those persons promoted to hitherto unattained rank will be made at next month's British Quizzing Championships.

* See HERE for an explanation of the order of Merit and its history.
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