England Teams for the 2013 EQC

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England Teams for the 2013 EQC

Postby Chris » Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:48 pm

England go into the EQC in Liverpool as holders of the European Nations Championships trophy. Our title-defending team is...

Kevin Ashman (Capt.)
Olav Bjortomt
Pat Gibson
Jesse Honey

Subject to any violent disagreement/resignations, I would like the following representative 'B' sides to carry the flag for St. George in the Aspirational Cup (of which Thiamine are the defending champions!)

David Stainer* (Capt.)
Ian Bayley
Kathryn Johnson
Phil Smith

Jamie Dodding (Capt.)
David Hesp
Eric Wildsmith
Scott Dawson

Nic Paul (Capt.)
Barbara Thompson
Jonathan Harrison
Nick Mills

Chris Quinn (Capt.)
Paul Steeples
Tim Westcott
William De Ath

Paul Sinha (Capt.)
Mark Walton
Ian Clark
David Bill

* David Stainer is first reserve for the England senior side.
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