July Quest Grand Prix - Report

Here you will find archived news items that, while no longer current, are nevertheless interesting enough to preserve for later perusal and reference.
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July Quest Grand Prix - Report

Postby Chris » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:03 pm

Down the years the average score in UK-set Grands Prix quizzes has been in the low-to mid 80s (the maximum possible score being 156 , with tie-breaker bonus). And typically about 20% of the field get through the 100-point barrier, generally seen as the mark of a very strong performance, by GP standards.

Today’s ultra-accessible set from Andrew Frazer saw an overall average of circa 97.5%, with fully 82 of the field of 167 players (49%) through the 100 barrier. This pips the previous record average score (97.1) established in the British Open in December 2015, a quiz also set by Andrew. On that occasion 47% made it to, or beyond, the magical ton.

I’m sure all would join me in thanking Andrew for an enjoyable set which will have undoubtedly brought cheer to many a GP player’s heart. I would also add thanks to all the proctors who helped make today possible, and to Jane who helped greatly with the editing, and to our hard-working verifier Diana. Thanks!

So, on to the honours….

We say well done to Didier Bruyère who triumphed overall, pipping his WQC nemesis Kevin Ashman into second, with former multi-World Champion Pat Gibson in third place. Close behind Pat were David Hesp and Ian Bayley. The full top 10 were…

138.8 Didier Bruyère
137.1 Kevin Ashman
132.3 Pat Gibson
130.7 David Hesp
130.6 Ian Bayley
125.0 Rob Hannah
124.1 Nick Mills
123.8 Oliver Levy
123.3 Anne Hegerty
122.9 Paul Sinha

Special congratulations to Rob Hannah and Oliver Levy who got in among the Grand Masters to take two of those spots. In a field of 167 those are tremendous showings.

The genre scores were no less impressive, with medallists as follows…

Art, Culture, History
28.4 Didier Bruyère (Gold)
28.1 Ian Clark (Silver)
28.1 David Hesp (Silver)

28.2 Didier Bruyère (Gold)
28.2 Ian Bayley (Silver)
28.1 Hugh Bennett (Bronze)

27.5 Kevin Ashman (Gold)
26.4 Paul Sinha (Silver)
26.3 Oliver Levy (Bronze)
26.2 Scott Dawson (Bronze)

29.3 Diane Hallagan (Gold) – just 1 tiebreaker short of Pat Gibson’s record.
27.4 Chris Quinn (Silver)
27.2 Steve Cooke (Bronze)
27.2 Anne Hegerty (Bronze)
27.2 Kathryn Johnson (Bronze)

Physical World
29.6 Didier Bruyère (Gold) – top Gold medal score of the day!
29.2 Kevin Ashman (Silver)
28.1 Gary Grant (Bronze))

Sport and Games
29.5 David Lea (Gold)
28.5 Gareth Aubrey (Silver) – top Silver medal score of the day!
28.3 Mark Preston (Bronze) – top Bronze medal performance!

This link will take you to the full results on Quest - https://quest.quizzing.com/#/season/100011/quiz/100170
Chris Jones
Director, Quizzing Ltd., BQA and iQa

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