Peterborough Quiz - 5 May

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Peterborough Quiz - 5 May

Postby Jane » Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:48 pm

Saturday 5 May sees us heading back to the cathedral city of Peterborough in the East of England.

A sign-up thread for this event can be found HERE. While not at all mandatory, it will greatly assist us if you could make payment prior to the event via PayPal. You don't need to even have a PayPal account to make a payment. Just visit the website and click on the "send money" button. The address to send it to (when asked for our e-mail address) is Please note that this is a new address as we have a new bank account. The old one is now defunct, so please be sure that you send to the correct address. Thanks!

Longthorpe Village Hall
295 Thorpe Road

Daytime Schedule (Amended)
11.00 Registration
11.30 Individual Quiz
13.00 Marking
13.45 Lunch
14.30 Team Quiz
16.45 Prizes and close

Entry: £25, lunch provided, £12.50 for first time attendees.


Steve Dodding (he and his brother Jamie are very kindly 'hosting us') is organising an optional Friday night jaunt - he's 'going to the Dogs', literally - and he's also organising Saturday night fun. The plan for the latter is a re-run of a visit to a quality ale house, followed by a curry in an excellent restaurant that, when we were last in Peterborough for the World Championships in 2010, gave over its mezzanine area for our exclusive use (after the meal was over the buzzers came out and we quizzed till 1.00am).

Watch this space for announcement of further details!

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Re: Peterborough Quiz - 5 May

Postby Jane » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:42 am

79 Quizzers Registered so far... and a half dozen non-players to boot.

Alan Gibbs
Andrew Billings*
Andrew Frazer
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Teale
Andy Cobley
Andy Crane
Andy Tucker
Angela H*
Anne Hegerty
Barbara Thompson
Barry Howbridge
Barry Simmons
Chris Clough
Chris Quinn
Colin Kidd (tbc)
Dave Bill
Dave Hesp
Dave Squire
Dave Taylor
David Edwards
David Fay
David Lea
David Smith
David Stainer
Diane Hallagan
Ebb Saxton
Ed Payne*
Ed Vout
Edmund Dickinson
Eric Wildsmith
Gareth Kingston
Gerard Mackay
Iain Thoms
Ian Bayley
Ian Griffiths
Ian Welham
Iwan Thomas
Jamie Dodding
Jesse Honey
John Wilson
Kathryn Johnson
Keith Andrew
Keith Marshall
Kevin Ashman
Lisa Hermann
Mark Cooper
Mark Grant
Mark Kerr
Mark Rae
Mark Walton
Michael McPartland
Mike Abbott
Neil Harrison
Neil Macaskill
Neil Phillips
Nic Mortimer
Nic Paul
Nick Archer
Nick Mills
Nick Patterson *
Olav Bjortomt
Pat Gibson
Paul Sinha (MO)
Paul Steeples
Pete Daniel
Phil Smith
Quentin Holt
Roderick Cromar
Sam Goodyear
Scott Dawson
Sean Carey
Stephen Dodding
Steve Bassett
Stewart McCartney
Tim Westcott
Tony David *
Will Howells
William DeAth

* = very welcome first timer

MO = Morning only

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Re: Peterborough Quiz - 5 May

Postby Chris » Mon May 07, 2012 1:30 am

Chris Jones
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