British Quizzing Championships 2013

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British Quizzing Championships 2013

Postby Chris » Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:13 pm

Saturday 7 September will see around 100 of the top quizzers in Britain assemble at our venue in Hilton, Derbyshire for the 14th* annual British Quizzing Championships. Some 50 or more quizzers will also be participating at satellite venues in Edinburgh and over the water in Dublin. Accordingly, 2013 will see the fiercest contest ever for the coveted Mark Bytheway Trophy.

If you are looking for details/sign-up for Edinburgh, please click HERE.

* This will be the 14th annual contest for the Individual title (first won in 1999 by Kevin Ashman). 2013 sees the 8th annual competition for Pairs, that event having first been staged in 2006 (won by the pairing of Ian Bayley and Pat Gibson, both of whom have won the individual title!).




Our venue is the Hilton House Hotel, Hilton, located between Derby and Burton on Trent, close to the intersection of the A38 and A50 roads and Tutbury & Hatton railway station (Derby-Stoke line).


1 Mill Lane
DE65 5GP


People looking to stay at the venue on the Friday and/or Saturday night should contact the Hotel direct (01283 732304) or book online.

Alternative accommodation can be had in Hatton, Tutbury and Burton on Trent, and in the Services area at the intersection of the A50/A38 dual carriageways, in the form of an Ibis Budget hotel. This hotel currently has double rooms available at £27 a night (they also have some triples).




20:30 – 24.00: Warm-up fun quiz & impromptu buzzing (bring questions).

[It will be possible to register/pay for Saturday's events on Friday evening. Attendees should note that the venue serves meals from 6pm until 8.30pm on Friday evening]

SATURDAY: (for explanation of quizzes, and costs, see later)

09.00 - 09.30 Early registrations [later arrivals register 10.00 - 11.00]

09.30 - 10.30 Annual Highbrow/Lowbrow Quiz (see below)
10.30 - 10.45 Answers & Marking

11.00 - 11.30 Order of Merit & Grands Prix medals ceremonies

11.30 - 12.30 British Quizzing Championship (Individuals) Part I
12.30 - 12.50 Answers & Marking
12.50 - 13.00 Short break
13.00 - 14.00 British Quizzing Championship (Individuals) Part II
14.00 - 14.20 Answers & Marking

14.30 - 15.30 Luncheon

15.30 - 18.00 British Quizzing Championships (Pairs)

18.00 - 18.10 Results & Presentations

18.10 - 19.00 Free time

19.00 - 19.45 Hot 100 (Individual quiz)

19.45 - 20.00 Answers, Marking, and Close

20.00 – 21.00 Bar food* available (to be paid for separately, see below)

21.00 – Curry* (for those wishing to eat a bit later, see below)

Throughout the hours 20.00 to 24.00, when the bar shuts, we expect significant levels of ad hoc quizzing going on!

*We will be approaching people likely to want to eat at the hotel on Saturday night for details as to their preferences [an announcement will be made the Saturday BEFORE the event]. Other eateries are available in the vicinity, including a popular curry house in Hatton, and a Chinese restaurant at the other end of Hilton (both a bit too far to walk). Note also that the bar at the nearby Old Talbot public house (150m) serves until 1.00am. There is no ‘night porter’ at The Hilton House Hotel, albeit there are no problems with residents ‘stacking up drinks’ just prior to midnight, if that is their pleasure.


Highbrow/Lowbrow Quiz

We are combining these two, formerly separate quizzes - albeit we will rank everyone according to how they place in the better of their two half performances, and award rankings points accordingly. So, a first place in Highbrow and 36th in Lowbrow, will still see you earn the same rankings points as the person who topped the popular culture section, and vice versa. What you’ll have then is a 120 question quiz, split into two parts, 60 Highbrow and 60 Pop Culture. You could of course chose to concentrate on just one of those sections! Ties will be settled first by reference to the best finish place in one's less successful half of the quiz, then by reference to overall aggregate score.

We have already spoken to Dave Lea of QLL and he is happy to assist in organising people being able to take this quiz together, en route aboard the train from London, scores being handed in on arrival. This way people from London don't have to start-out quite so early!

British Quizzing Championships (individuals) for the Mark Bytheway Trophy

Our annual, full-on 240 question quiz in which ALL 240 questions across six genres count for full marks! to determine the British Quizzing Champion 2013. At stake, the Mark Bytheway Trophy, aka ‘The Moby’.

At the end of this post is a link to a .pdf attachment that contains full details of how the six genres are split.

This year we will have satellite venues in both Edinburgh AND Dublin (we also made enquiries about Cardiff too). Since there will be Irish participation, with players from both the Republic and the North, players should be aware that we are making efforts in the question setting to accommodate everyone. So, however, we do all occupy the same small archipelago and share almost a thousand years of common history. We are also commonly exposed to pretty much the same music, TV and literature, and many ‘Famous Brits’ are or were of course born and raised in Ireland too (and we’re not just talking Pat Gibson!). Accordingly, you can expect the quiz to be pretty close to what it's always been, but a bit of extra revision is never wasted!

British Pairs Championships

This is a unique event in the British quiz calendar. After an initial qualifying round the format sees 36 successful duos seeded into a knock-out. In the main these are typical head to head battles, but the Semi Finals and Final will feature three-way contests.

We expect perhaps as many as 50 Pairs at our English venue. Because of the knock-out element to the competition (and also venue/time constraints in Edinburgh) this competition, unlike the Individuals, is open to be won only at the central location. Questions will be available in the satellite locations, where they can be played for fun.

Pairs finishing 37th or lower in the preliminary 'Qualifying Round' will not progress, but (as with pairs eliminated in later stages of the contest) they are welcome to carry on answering questions, recording a notional, overall score. Results - detailing who is still in and who has been eliminated, will be announced at every stage (this was not done last year, some liked the suspense and - perhaps deluded - full 'involvement' right to the end, some did not).

There will be prizes for the top scoring Pair who do not make the Semi Finals, and for the best performing ‘scratch’ Pair, i.e. the Pair formed on the day that goes furthest in the competition (if necessary separated on score/tie rules if the last two or more go out at the same stage). However, once ‘eliminated’, Pairs will no longer be eligible to win the main contest and so cannot collect the trophies!

The KO will see 4 rounds of 15 questions this year allowing us to have a (seeded) Round 1 of 36 Pairs in 18 head-to-head ties, a Round 2 (Quarter Final) of 18 Pairs in 9 ties, a Round 3 (Semi Final) of 9 Pairs in three ties, and a Final (Round 4) of 3 Pairs. In the Final the winner will be the top scoring of the three surviving Pairs. In the event of ties at any stage, reference will at first be had to total scores ‘to date’ (including the preliminary round), then, round by round, beginning with the Preliminary. If all else fails a tiebreak question will be used.

Pairs quizzing, first taken-up seriously here in the UK after the 2005 European Quizzing Championships in Tallinn – where Pairs quiz is the local specialty – sees a preponderance of questions in which clues make it possible to get to the correct answer via more than one route. Questions are designed to test the Pair, to see if their joint effort can exceed the sum of their combined individual knowledge. Entries are invited from 'pre-formed' pairs or pairings can be arranged ad-hoc on the day.

Hot 100 Quiz

Like last year, when this doubled as the Highbrow element for the weekend, results from this quiz will help inform some team selection for English participants at November’s European Quizzing Championships, in Liverpool.

This 100 question quiz has a decidedly international flavour befitting a monthly competition that is held around the globe. Results in the quiz will be considered when England teams are selected for the Aspirational Cup competition in Liverpool. As such, and in order to be as inclusive as possible, there is scope for some satellite venues on the Sunday – i.e. for those players unable to remain at the main venue beyond 7pm. Interested parties – you’ll need two quizzers plus someone to act as ‘proctor’, who can be a non-quizzer – should contact me NO LATER THAN midnight Tues/Wednesday 2/3 September. I will likely be far too busy to entertain requests made only on the day of the BQC.



Friday - No charge

Saturday - options...

Main event - BQC, Pairs Quiz, including Hot Buffet lunch*: £30.00
High/Lowbrow quiz: £6 extra
Hot 100 Quiz: £4

*Menu choice: Chinese Chicken Curry, Chilli Con Carne, Vegetable Lasagne, Mushroom Stróganov (all 'Home-cooked', served with boiled rice and Garlic Bread)

As the BQC is a very hectic day for us, with lots of people to look after, it would assist us greatly (and probably make your life much easier too) if you could register and pay in advance. Payment can be made via PayPal. Our NEW user ID is - please make sure you use this one and not the old one. If it's easier, you can pay via bank transfer. Just drop Jane a line and she will send you the details. Many thanks!



By Train

The nearest station is ‘Tutbury & Hatton’, on the Derby-Stoke line. It’s about 5 minutes by cab from there. Alternatively you could get a train to Burton or Derby and then catch the V1 Bus (V for “Villager”) which passes the corner of the street the pub is located on; there’s a bus stop on Main Street outside The Kings Head pub. See this map.

Trains from London to Derby typically take 1hr20 mins and after a short wait for a connection it’s another 15 minutes to Tutbury & Hatton. This is an unmanned station and I recommend, after exiting the platform, turning left and going over the level crossing to await your taxi (or lift) in the Co-op car park.

The recommended local taxi firm is County Cars (01332 704070). They have a range of vehicles, seating 4, 6 and 8 passengers, the cost of which, if you manage full occupancy, will be circa £1.50 a head to the venue (e.g. a car with 4 passengers would be £6). As people are likely to be arriving at similar times by train and in some numbers, they recommend you call ahead about 30 minutes before your train is due in.

By Car

Regardless of whether you are traveling from the North, East, South or West, I’d recommend you approach Hilton via the A50 dual carriageway that links the M6 near Stoke with the M1 near Kegworth, just south of Nottingham. The junction you will leave the A50 is No5, being the first one West of the intersection with the A38.

People coming down from the North will exit the M1 at junction 28 and proceed south along the excellent A38 (direction of Lichfield and Birmingham), coming past Derby to meet the A38 a short while before Burton on Trent at what is known as ‘Toyota Roundabout’ (thanks for the huge car assembly plant there).

Once on the East/West-bound A50 you will come off at Junction 5 (the one immediately before/after the A50 depending on your direction of travel). After negotiating the roundabout(s) beneath the A50, head into Hilton south west along the A5132 Derby Road (signposted Hilton and Hatton). This involves taking the second exit at the small roundabout a quarter of a mile or so after leaving the A50 (don't follow the signs into the Hilton Industrial estate). In Hilton itself you will pass the Old Talbot pub (on your left) and then shortly after going over a zebra crossing you have the (easy to miss) left turn into Mill Lane. The pub is immediately on your left, the rather tight entrance to the car park being at the end of the red brick buildings on your left, about 50 yards after the turning. Once in the car park, there are dozens of spaces.

If you’ve time while you’re in the area, or you’ve non-quizzing family and friends with you, the surrounding area has a number of other very worthwhile places to visit…

National Memorial Arboretum, (Alrewas)
Set in 150 acres of land, and open every day from 9am to 5pm, there are over 140 memorials including some spectacular and poignant statuary.

National Museum of Brewing (Burton upon Trent)
The National Brewery Centre is a world-class museum and visitor centre that celebrates Burton upon Trent's proud brewing heritage and it's influence on brewing techniques throughout the world. People without their own transport who are planning to visit the museum might consider the Three Queens Hotel with its new, lodge extension in Burton for a stop-over, since it is in walking distance of the museum, and across the road from the Burton Bridge brewery and Inn!

Sudbury Hall & Museum of Childhood (8 Miles)
Museum showing aspects of the life of children over the past 200 years.

Tutbury Castle
For many years the prison of Mary Queen of Scots and the hub of a Royal Stud farm owned by Charles II. The castle is leased to, and run by, TV ‘historian’ and ghost hunter Lesley Smith.

Tutbury itself has a number of other attractions. Cut glass has been manufactured here for many years and a tourist trade has built upon the long and distinguished history of the Norman Priory Chuch and medieval castle, and some fine Georgian and Regency buildings. There are antique and craft shops in the village as well as a factory shop at the Georgian Crystal glassworks. Unfortunately, the Tutbury Crystal factory has now closed although they still have a shop on Tutbury High Street.

Kedleston Hall
Experience the age of elegance in this neo-classical house built between 1759 and 1765 for the Curzon family and little altered since.
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