Results: British Pairs Quizzing Championships

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2019/20 Season
7 Sept - British Championships, Duston + Edinburgh satellite
5 Oct- Quest GP, local venues
2 Nov - Quest GP, local venues
8 Nov, European Quizzing Championships, Sofia (Fri-Sun)
7 Dec, Quest GP, local venues, UK and overseas (British Open)
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Results: British Pairs Quizzing Championships

Postby Chris » Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:14 pm

Some 100 were in attendance at the Cadbury Club in Bournville for this competition, which began with a preliminary round to seed the 50 participating Pairs into a draw designed for 64. This would mean that the 14 top seeds would have a bye in round one of the five-round knock-out.

The draw was structured so that four groups (A-D) of up to 16 players would reduce over four rounds (16/8/4 and then 2 Pairs in a 'group final') to find group champions to contest the final in round 5. All the teams, regardless of whether they made the final, continued playing and recording their scores.

The overal scores for all 50 teams are shown below. They are listed in order according to their seeding (seeding numbers became the Pairs' numbers, as shown in the KO tables), letters next to a Pair's number/name (reflecting their seeding rank) shows which of the four groups they were placed in.


Here below are the results in the KO matches played in each group (Pairs referred to by their seeding rank). In the event of any tie, running scores/totals were referred to, and if these remained tied, reference was made to the qualifier round scores. Some ties were settled on running totals and some had to go as far as reference to qualifier round scores. No ties required us to have recourse to any other means of separating Pairs.


These matches meant the final line-up (final round scores shown in brackets, followed by total score) was as follows...

Group A, Pair 1, Kevin Ashman & Pat Gibson ( 9 / 92)
Group B, Pair 5, Martin Wightman & Michael McPartland ( 9 / 86)*
Group C, Pair 11, Adrian Chalkley & Tim Hall ( 6 / 77)
Group D, Pair 2, Andrew Frazer & Phil Small ( 6 / 88.5)

So, we congratulate Kevin and Pat on their triumph in becoming KO champions, and top scorers to boot! Unlucky Martin Wightman & Michael McPartland, tied Kevin & Pat in the final only to loose on a (retrospective) 'penalty shoot-out'!

* corrected error in accountgin for a Qtr final match whicc should have seen Martin & Michael go through to the 'group final' - in which their R#4 score bettered that of Gareth Kingston and Ian Bayley. Previously the last-named Pair were shown to have made the final, and also finished runners-up.
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