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Reminder For Attendees...

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:33 pm
by Jane
A reminder that all people who have registered are GUARANTEED a paper at our events. If you have registered and you know you can't attend, please let us know, so your paper can be released.

This rule came about after one proctor had unregistered people come to his event, and two people who were late. The result was the late people didn't have papers when they arrived because, perfectly reasonably, the proctor thought they weren't and gave them away. Unfortunately, he didn't know these two players were late rather than no shows. So... only REGISTERED players are now GUARANTEED a paper and this paper must not be given to anyone else unless we know you aren't coming.

A few proctors have had last minute flurries, so please make sure your proctor will have a paper for you before you head out. Thank you xxx