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November Grand Prix Results

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:08 pm
by WiseOldOwls
All of the November UK Quest Grand Prix scores are in are now online (link at the foot of this piece).
Despite the distraction of the Rugby Union World Cup Final, and next weekend’s European Quizzing Championships, almost 150 quizzers turned out for today’s Grand Prix. It could have been 150, or more, but for notable absences such as birthday boy Kevin Ashman. And while many (if not all) would have wished him a “Happy Birthday”, doubtless more than a couple of players will have been looking to fill his shoes in the list of today's medallists.

We thank Jon Sticher in the North-West for supplying this month’s GP set. From the scores it’s obvious the quiz played as an accessible one, with more than 40% of the field through the 100-point barrier. There was a rather different-looking top five today, with a number of notable scores, but we’ll give a shout out to our proctors in Flockton & Middlesbrough, Gareth Kingston & Michael McPartland, who both finished outside the top 10 but together stormed the Entertainment paper, tying with a score of 27.2 (the highest of any genre scores on the day). Well done both. Also of note was a three-way tie for the Gold Medal in Art, Culture & History, and a four-way tie for the Silver in Lifestyle!

We heartily congratulate Scott Dawson who triumphed in today’s GP with a winning score of 121.7. Close on his heels was runner-up Andrew Frazer (120.2), Paul Sinha was third (119.7), with David Hesp (119.2) and Didier Bruyère (119.2) completing the top five. Didier lost out on the tie-break to David whose dropped score of 20.1 in Lifestyle was better than Didier’s 19.1. on the same genre.

Here are the medal positions, by genre.

1st= : 27.0 – David Hesp
1st= : 27.0 – Katheryn Johnson
1st= : 27.0 – Mark Eves

Gold : 26.2 - Ian Bayley
Silver : 26.1 - David Hesp
Bronze : 26.0 - Martin Wightman

1st = : 27.2 – Gareth Kingston
1st = : 27.2 – Michael Mcpartland
Bronze : 26.3 – Colin Daffern

Gold : 23.2 - Oliver Levy
2nd = : 21.2 - David Stainer
2nd = : 21.2 - Gareth Kingston
2nd = : 21.2 - Paul Sinha
2nd = : 21.2 - Dave McBryan

Gold : 25.3 – Andrew Frazer
Silver : 25.2 – Ian Bayley
3rd = : 25.0 – Hugh Bennett
3rd = : 25.0 – Mark Eves

Gold : 27.2 - Scott Dawson
Silver : 26.3 - Mark Preston
Bronze: 25.3 - Michael McPartland

Many thanks to all of the competitors, and of course to the proctors - for your continued support/help. Our next UK Grand Prix is the first Saturday in December, and is the British Open.

Safe journey and “good luck” to all players from the British Isles (and beyond) who are making the trip to Bulgaria.

Full scores are HERE on the Quest website.

Re: November National Quiz League Scores

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:13 pm
by WiseOldOwls
The attached file shows the scores from round 2 of the National Quiz League. The file includes tabulation of teams' aggregated results/league position after months #1 and #2. Updated 20.46hrs, 3 Nov.

Re: November Grand Prix Results

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:44 pm
by WiseOldOwls
Alternatively, here's a link to an image file showing updated scores/results/tables following the receipt of more scores.